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"I started taking Tai Chi at the Coffee Mill in Key West in February and love it. Joe, the teacher, is extremely patient and is willing to repeat any movement until people in the class can do it. Frankly, I was afraid that I would be bored in this type of class because I love Zumba and aerobics - exercise where you move. But, I'm happy to say, each hour flew by and I plan to continue. I always felt better when I left class and I would say to all of you...try it. It's a great way to improve balance, stretching, and thinking. If I can do this, anyone can."  (BD June 2013)

"I am a part-time Key West resident and found Joe's class @ the CoffeeMill. I decided to try Tai Chi as an 'added' bonus to my Yoga practice. I am very happy I did! Joe's approach is kind, patient and very informative. He breaks down the moves in an easy to follow format. He answers all questions - and gives advice in a very kind manner. I have enjoyed every class I have takenwith Joe - always happy I made the class. I recommend Joe's class for all Levels."  (JF January 2014)

"I have been a student for almost a year now and am very impressed with Joe's knowledge and teaching. I had a martial arts background many years ago and the course reawakened old memories. I find it very stress relieving and a great way to start my day. Last year I had both knee and hip surgery and am very pleased with how I have been able to regain my agility and balance by working on Tai Chi."  (NH January 2014)

"Joe's class is great. You can tell is he a serious Tai Chi teacher. He is so calm and focused you feel not only great when you leave class physically your mind feels clear and focused. I am 66 with a recent hip replacement and I have finnaly found an exercise form that I can enjoy for my core balance and (which) fills my body with oxygen without running a mile or two. His class is first class and a great experience."  (KL February 2014)

"Joe Furey, the knowledgeable and experienced teacher, presents the classes in a way that is both welcoming for beginners and challenging for those with experience. He describes every move in detail, models the form, talks the class through each sequence. I have been a student at Key West Tai Chi for two months and look forward to every class. I feel more relaxed, limber, and flexible. My balance has improved. And I know all that is coming from these classes. I would strongly recommend Key West Tai Chi, it is a great way to start the day."  (GC March 2014)

"I have been attending Joe Furey's Qi Gong and Tai Chi classes for about a year now and I'm finding them extremely beneficial in many ways.Tai Chi is very relaxing and it helps reduce my stress level.The Qi Gong exercises and Tai Chi movements help loosen up my muscles and I find that my posture is improving.And in a way the series of movements is almost like a dance and I like that aspect of Tai Chi also."  (MM March 2014)

"I have been attending classes since October 2013. Joe is a great teacher. He is observant, patient, and provides excellent guidance in both Qi Gong and Tai Chi.Each class begins with 30 minutes of exercises for stretching, flexibility, and balance. This is followed by 30 minutes of Tai chi form. Joe makes every aspect of the class accessible to newcomers and challenging to more experienced participants. I am becoming more flexible, my balance is improving, and my breathing capacity has increased."  (MC March 2014)