CHEN is the original Tai Chi and is often considered more challenging than YANG style. It incorporates lower stances, with more robust, faster, cardio movements that emphasize joint opening, rotation and stretching. While both Tai Chi styles enhance a practioner's physical and mental well-being, the  CHEN style maintains more of its martial arts roots.



YANG Tai Chi offers new students, or those who already have some experience,  the ability to learn the most widely practiced style of Tai Chi. Our classes focus on circular low impact movements which are slow, fluid and meditative. Emphasis is on the exercise and fusion of both the mind and body working together.


At Key West Tai Chi, you will learn and experience the healing potential of the traditional Chinese system of body movements which have been practiced for generations.  Tai Chi, frequently called 'meditation in motion', is widely recognized today by conventional medical health professionals which accept what Tai Chi masters have known for centuries - regular practice enhances balance, flexibility, mobility and mental well-being. Tai Chi is safe and effective, and can be practiced by just about anyone, anytime and anywhere regardless of age or physical limitations. Classes at Key WestTai Chi are conducted in a relaxed low key manner and geared to each person's level of ability - all that's needed to learn Tai Chi is a willingness to practice regularly and be open to learning new ways to move and think.  So keep moving, keep learning, and keep growing and join us practicing at Key West Tai Chi



 KEY WEST TAI CHi - what you will experience at key west tai chi


Part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong is practiced to cultivate and balance 'chi' (energy) throughout the body. By coordinating rhythmic breathing and slow stylized movements, it is an easy way to meditate.  Qi Gong can be practiced alone for its own health benefits, or as a 'warm up' to performing Tai Chi forms.